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Anne=Jesus? Don't think so!

Anne Rice's book, in which she thinks she is Jesus and writes a first person narrative about the 7-year-old Christ, is now available. Amazon has a special offer if you buy it together with the Vampire Encyclopedia. Oh the irony!

I really think that Anne Rice's book is just as sacrilegious as Jesus Christ Superstar (though I enjoy the latter very much). However, I have no problem whatsoever with Andrew Lloyd Webber, because he has never intended his musical to be a faith promoting experience. It is awesome musical theatre, though. My problem with Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt is that it is the product of Anne Rice's return to Catholicism and abandoning her earlier sinful ways and writing propaganda for Christ. Actually, that would be okay. My problem is that she thinks she knows what Jesus thought and felt and assumes the authority to write in his name. That is a big no-no. If Christ was who he claimed to be than no human can have the slightest idea of what he ever thought and felt like. Not even at age 7. And furthermore, no human can have the authority to give words into God's mouth. Not even Anne Rice.

I shouldn't be surprised that she did it, though. The Christian Churches have been doing that for two millennia. Catholic tradition was putting words in God's mouth that he never said. Most of the reformation did the same: they took out words they didn't like and twisted others. And now people who have an influence over the masses do the same. And here I'd like to make a comment about Mel Gibson's violent epic, The Passion of Christ. He left out the single most important event that made Jesus, son of Joseph different from the other Messiahs roaming first century Judea. The fact that he rose on the third day. There had been other slain prophets and self proclaimed messiahs, who even performed miracles. The only difference was that Jesus overcame death. Without that "insignificant" event his death would have been just another blasphemous criminal's execution. It wouldn't have really mattered.
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