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This journal needs an update really bad. So a happy crosspost from my other LJ

Yesterday was the quarterly crafts day at Church. It was amazing, with wonderful turn out with over 400 people showing up. Some people were just random locals, who heard about the crafts and came. We had a nice, big crowd and lots of food. Amazing amount of Christmas decorations were made, lots of food was had, and lots of rehearsals and costume fitting were done.

There is a tendency in this Church to involve all the kids in the Christmas program, so my three kids and both of my nieces will be involved. You have to remember that my younger niece will be about two months old at that time, but she is just a peanut with weighing around 6 lbs or so... so you can guess what role she is supposed to have! Since it is RSV season we are not 100% sure Dan and Jim ant to bring her to the Church program, but dan will ask the pediatrician about it, as she has had the shot... anyway, we shall see. The tradition of having a live baby Jesus when there are babies in the congregation go back to the time when our group was an Internet message board...

The twins will be sheep. One white, one grey. They have lines, too. They have to say "baah" several times during the show. I have a feeling there will be a lot more baah-ing than in the script. But that is the charm of the show. Craig will be one of the trainee shepherds. He will carry the sausage. The sausage is very important in the Hungarian folk tradition it seems, it is present in most of the Nativity scenes. So he will have a very important role. He is also in the Hora dance. And Hannah will be an angel. How fitting with her long blonde hair and awesome voice!

I ended up losing a bet yesterday and I had to sing Schubert's Ave Maria. People wanted me to sing it in German, but I only know it in Latin. I was terribly off key at times, I think, but hey, it was recognisable and the old old geek lady (She is the oldest person in Hungary ever to get the ECDL, I think) really liked it. So I guess it was all good.

I didn't go to Church this morning. Yesterday just wore me out and I didn't even wake up till almost ten a.m. I got three concerned SMSes this morning already. Gosh, I love my job and I love the people I work with.
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