Céadsearc (poeticceadsearc) wrote,

Ketchup and other things making life colourful

First of all, LJ users, did you know about this site? It makes a map of your friends or interests based on... the other factor. Really nifty.

I also found a great crime blog. It is the blog of CrimeLibrary contributor Steve Huff, who is not only a true crime blogger, but a trained opera singer! Now how much more interesting one can get?

This winter has been rather interesting so far. With the rapidly changing weather and nice sunshine, I cans ay that depression hasn't had as much chance to permanently set in as last year. It is bright and sunny now, and my children are playing outside as my sweetheart is parking the car. Little yellow, green and red pixies chasing the cats and picking twigs. My sons. Matthew is turning towards his brother, shielding his eyes from the bright sunlight. The Sun tries extrahard in the winter to win its kingdom back, and while it doesn't bring much warmth, it produces bright sunlight, putting the brightest summer days to shame. I can see Matthew laughing at something his brother must have told him.

It is a happy winter day.
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