October 8th, 2006

Boy and tiger

Oh the Drama, the Drama!

OK, so because of what went down on a certain filter here, on my parenting LJ, my GJ and the PROUD boards, I deleted about 12 entries from here, removed and banned every member of the Drama squad from all my LJ flists, also removed every mutual friend with a certain someone (including her husband and sister--please don't take it personally, but both my main LJ and the boards were visited under your usernames with home IPs while you were definitely not at home). I will keep this LJ public for those of you who were removed and still want to keep up, but for now I am not adding you back. You are all welcome to my blog, and you are definitely welcome to the boards, but the boards are still subject of moderation, still private and I did remove Alexis from the mod list, and I am not giving anyone admin rights lest her sig should be changed back.

I really don't take it well when people try to ban me from the boards I host and pay for, thank you. She won't be banned, but she won't be able to change her settings till further notice.