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There won't be a serious entry today. Today's entry, which might very well be finished in the early minutes of tomorrow, is about some silly things that make living strong possible.

For the last few days I have been trying to write up an entry about what Live Strong means for me. It was to be all deep and thought provoking and even emotional. I wrote it several times and it all went where the deleted characters go. (I hope everyone has read that wonderful little piece about where all the characters you delete go... If not, google it. It is hilarious.)

Then I realised that the reason why the three attempts weren't worth posting was simply that living strong is not a matter of deep thoughts. It is kind of a silly thing, really.

A word of warning: I have a serious attack of Random Capitalization and horrible spelling tonight, so beware.

Living strong includes a lot of great and silly things. In no particular order:

  • Updating LJ

  • Redesigning my site

  • Cuddling with Kevin

  • Feeding the twins tomato sauce

  • Falling asleep on the tummy of my tiger

  • Watching Stargate Atlantis and seeing McKay kiss Beckett

  • Reading the news

  • Reading The McFadden Series

  • Writing the McFadden Series

  • Sporking bad fan fiction

  • Rooting for Debrecen against Manchester United

  • Watching Lance Armstrong win it the seventh time

  • Shopping at Tesco for groceries

  • Cooking

  • Making love with Kevin

  • Brushing my teeth

  • Taking Craig shopping for school supplies

  • Reorganizing my Precious Moments collection

  • Watching McKay kiss Beckett again

  • Kissing Kevin

  • Watching water polo

  • Eating rolls while daydreaming about bagels

  • Going to Subway for lunch

  • Sucking my thumb

  • Making icons

  • Scrapbooking

  • Reading Harrison Fawcett's books

  • Having random fun

  • Teaching piano lessons to Craig

  • Playing with my sons

  • Collecting wild chestnuts

  • Making balloons out of rubber gloves

  • Making balloons out of condoms

  • Eating bananas

  • Listening to the Enterprise theme music

  • Watching all three CSI shows on the same night

  • Wearing my LIVESTRONG wristbands

...and just generally being silly and laugh when someone speaks in ALL CAPITALS around me, and just pull out the Discworld novel when Death is missing....
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