Céadsearc (poeticceadsearc) wrote,

Onto new adventures

The last few years my independence in doing things has been greatly limited by my various disabilities and the cancer itself. I decided that this shouldn't stop me from doing something that I know I'll enjoy, and that is doing the shopping for school withe my eldest. Craig is six and is entering the third grade. We homeschooled him the last two years, but this year he decided that he wanted to go to school full time, and not only mornings, but staying for the afternoons as well, when they do homework with a teacher supervising and have various activities, including professional piano lessons.

We have a humongous shopping list to take along, so Craig and I decided to break this adventure up to different parts. First of all, I will avoid Budapest this time and head to Zalaegerszeg and Keszthely with only Craig with me. It will be quite interesting, to say the least. It is a tad scary when I think of all the things that could go wrong, but I don hope most things will go right and Craig and I can both have a great experience.
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