Céadsearc (poeticceadsearc) wrote,

St. Philip Neri, Terence Hill and Inspiration

Many people know that I am a former Mormon. A few people know that I am a former Catholic. I have to say that after those two experiences with organized religion I even tried a very fundamental born again Christian group, but I only lasted about a month there.

Just recently when I had to take several theology classes at a Catholic institution for higher learning (as I still qualify as a Catholic according to my college) a lot of my old memories and sentiments were rekindled. Maybe because of that I borrowed a few DVDs from my friend. He used old video tapes to digitalise some films that he loved, and two Catholic themed DVDs made it into our DVD player today.

The first one was the beautiful Italian film, State buoni... se potete (Behave yourselves... if you can) is a romantic story centred on St. Filippo Neri, a 16th century Catholic priest who was nicknamed the clown of God by his contemporaries. He entered the priesthood at the age of 36 and was a very spiritual man. In the film Philip is raising several children, orphans and unwanted street kids and teaches them, "Behave yourselves... if you can. Everyithing else is vanity." St. Philip Neri's motto was "Sola Caritas"--only love.

Remembering his motto and the scriptural quote "Charity never faileth" is often difficult for me. I tend to be snarky, sarcastic, a little evil, and I often wonder how other people can be so stupid. Never mind that I can be equally stupid. Sometimes I feel it is impossible to love people. Sometimes it seems impossible to love myself. But I know that I have to accept and love myself to be able to love the way I should, so I am working on it. I am trying to snark less and think positively more.

Now Terence Hill... I am not sure how well known he is outside Europe, but I grew up on the movies with him and Bud Spencer. These were mostly comedic spaghetti westerns or just plain comedies. I loved them. I think one of my favourite films growing up was I I'm For the Hippopotamus which made me laugh countless times. Another favourite was Don Camillo, in which Terence Hill plays a priest, whose football team is to play against the communist mayor's team. I know more happens in that film, but I think that was the one part I always loved the most about it! Then, of course, there were the Lucky Luke films... and most recently Don Matteo.

Don Matteo is an Italian priest. He also has a thing for solving crimes. Now that sounds like several other shows. There was one with Father Dowling and Sister Stephanie. But Don Matteo was something new for me. Something fresh, something cute and something cool. Something that reminded me of my uncle.

(And I lost my train of thought)
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