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Another weekend almost over

This past weekend has been full of rain and calmness and gray skies and no internet yesterday. It was the most annoying thing as I couldn't check e-mail or the TV schedule or the news. At least I didn't miss downloading SG: Atlantis as they had two eps of SG:1. So that is all good.

Yesterday was long and I really didn't feel too well. Still not feeling 100%, but am a lot better. I think I am bouncing back now, which is a good thing. I am still craving my bed most of the time, but then again... that is rather normal with the chemo fatigue.

The last few days I had to realise the the campaign has already started. Parlimentray elections are not till May, but both of the major parties are already heavily into the campaing and I have to decide whether i wasnt to go and vote in the Hungarian elections at all. And if I do... I have to make up my mind about who to vote for.

One would think that since I am a bleeding heart liberal I will vote for the Liberal Democrats. Wrong. I most likely won't as they are becoming less and less classic liberals and more like... shit stirrers. So I am leaning towards voting for the Hungarian Socialist Party, who are governing at the moment.

To keep myself entertained I am watching Stargate Atlantis songvids. Two great sites I can recommend are Fantastic Visions and http://www.blacksheep69.com/. Make sure you check them out.
Tags: elections, fandom, general update, should be on morzsa
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