Céadsearc (poeticceadsearc) wrote,

Another Week's Over

The other day I was talking to gulfcoast1 and she mentioned that she likes Happy Xmas (War Is Over) by John Lennon. So do I.

Evenings are now cool, on the border of cold, so Kevin starts a fire in the fireplace before bedtime. No matter how nasty my cold makes me feel, I always end up snuggling with Kevin in front of the fireplace. And it helps me feel better! At least last night it worked.

I am unusually excited about this year's Christmas celebrations! Actually I am excited about the whole Advent plan I have to keep the holidays focused. I am not planning on doing much gift giving and probably woN't do the card thing either--my funds are lacking very much--and I don't expect gifts either. At least it won't bite when the no gifts thing happens. You see I'm rather selfish and absolutely greedy, so I was kinda hating when people just ignored me at Christmas time. Oh well.

This coming Christmas will be great. I know that.
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