Céadsearc (poeticceadsearc) wrote,


I haven't had proper PT schedules since the last few rounds of treatment. With the surgery on my neck a few months ago and the lack of regular work out I feel like I am not gaining some of the re-lost skills back fast enough. Like with the hand. I lost a lot of strength and dexterity again and typing is once again back to the pick and squeeeeeee part. Which is highly annoying when I think back of what I had managed to learn before my spine was played with again. GRRR.

The last four days, however, were awesome. With the pool at the hospital and Kevin's TLC I feel like some of my strength and motivation are returning. I might convince myself again to try transfering or catheterising myself again, but it could take a while. Especially with the latter.

I am looking at buying some clothes soon.
Tags: pt, sci
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