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You Are A: Duckling!

DucklingThe cutest of the cute, these baby ducks are often spotted in the spring following closely behind their mother. As a duckling you will grow up quickly, becoming one of the adult ducks seen commonly in ponds and streams. Playful and timid, charming and vulnerable, ducklings are nature's very definition of innocence.

You were almost a: Duck or a Monkey
You are least like a: Bear Cub or a GroundhogWhat Cute Animal Are You?
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The Pope and Pizza

I am reading on that the Pope received a pizza oven as a gift of some kind of group of Italian pizza makers. They said that they didn't mean that Benedict XVI should make pizza by hand, but they actually intended the oven to be used in a charity supporting the poor.

The Pope thanked them and blessed the pizza oven.

Now that is what I call Holy Macaroni Pizza!
Not Quite Human


I just wansted to say that I have s many ideas I want to write out but there are two things stopping me: My lack of patience and the amount of pain typing for a longer time causes.

My shoulder just had two surgeries fairly close to each other--there were some complications after the first one--and I am in pain. For the first time in my life I asked my docs for a lot more pain killers. It is ridiculous. I have been through a lot more and I could handle it. Now I doN't understand why it doesn't work like that any more.

Back later!
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St. Philip Neri, Terence Hill and Inspiration

Many people know that I am a former Mormon. A few people know that I am a former Catholic. I have to say that after those two experiences with organized religion I even tried a very fundamental born again Christian group, but I only lasted about a month there.

Just recently when I had to take several theology classes at a Catholic institution for higher learning (as I still qualify as a Catholic according to my college) a lot of my old memories and sentiments were rekindled. Maybe because of that I borrowed a few DVDs from my friend. He used old video tapes to digitalise some films that he loved, and two Catholic themed DVDs made it into our DVD player today.

The first one was the beautiful Italian film, State buoni... se potete (Behave yourselves... if you can) is a romantic story centred on St. Filippo Neri, a 16th century Catholic priest who was nicknamed the clown of God by his contemporaries. He entered the priesthood at the age of 36 and was a very spiritual man. In the film Philip is raising several children, orphans and unwanted street kids and teaches them, "Behave yourselves... if you can. Everyithing else is vanity." St. Philip Neri's motto was "Sola Caritas"--only love.

Remembering his motto and the scriptural quote "Charity never faileth" is often difficult for me. I tend to be snarky, sarcastic, a little evil, and I often wonder how other people can be so stupid. Never mind that I can be equally stupid. Sometimes I feel it is impossible to love people. Sometimes it seems impossible to love myself. But I know that I have to accept and love myself to be able to love the way I should, so I am working on it. I am trying to snark less and think positively more.

Now Terence Hill... I am not sure how well known he is outside Europe, but I grew up on the movies with him and Bud Spencer. These were mostly comedic spaghetti westerns or just plain comedies. I loved them. I think one of my favourite films growing up was I I'm For the Hippopotamus which made me laugh countless times. Another favourite was Don Camillo, in which Terence Hill plays a priest, whose football team is to play against the communist mayor's team. I know more happens in that film, but I think that was the one part I always loved the most about it! Then, of course, there were the Lucky Luke films... and most recently Don Matteo.

Don Matteo is an Italian priest. He also has a thing for solving crimes. Now that sounds like several other shows. There was one with Father Dowling and Sister Stephanie. But Don Matteo was something new for me. Something fresh, something cute and something cool. Something that reminded me of my uncle.

(And I lost my train of thought)
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Onto new adventures

The last few years my independence in doing things has been greatly limited by my various disabilities and the cancer itself. I decided that this shouldn't stop me from doing something that I know I'll enjoy, and that is doing the shopping for school withe my eldest. Craig is six and is entering the third grade. We homeschooled him the last two years, but this year he decided that he wanted to go to school full time, and not only mornings, but staying for the afternoons as well, when they do homework with a teacher supervising and have various activities, including professional piano lessons.

We have a humongous shopping list to take along, so Craig and I decided to break this adventure up to different parts. First of all, I will avoid Budapest this time and head to Zalaegerszeg and Keszthely with only Craig with me. It will be quite interesting, to say the least. It is a tad scary when I think of all the things that could go wrong, but I don hope most things will go right and Craig and I can both have a great experience.
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Silly things

There won't be a serious entry today. Today's entry, which might very well be finished in the early minutes of tomorrow, is about some silly things that make living strong possible.

For the last few days I have been trying to write up an entry about what Live Strong means for me. It was to be all deep and thought provoking and even emotional. I wrote it several times and it all went where the deleted characters go. (I hope everyone has read that wonderful little piece about where all the characters you delete go... If not, google it. It is hilarious.)

Then I realised that the reason why the three attempts weren't worth posting was simply that living strong is not a matter of deep thoughts. It is kind of a silly thing, really.

A word of warning: I have a serious attack of Random Capitalization and horrible spelling tonight, so beware.

Living strong includes a lot of great and silly things. In no particular order:

  • Updating LJ

  • Redesigning my site

  • Cuddling with Kevin

  • Feeding the twins tomato sauce

  • Falling asleep on the tummy of my tiger

  • Watching Stargate Atlantis and seeing Collapse )

  • Reading the news

  • Reading The McFadden Series

  • Writing the McFadden Series

  • Sporking bad fan fiction

  • Rooting for Debrecen against Manchester United

  • Watching Lance Armstrong win it the seventh time

  • Shopping at Tesco for groceries

  • Cooking

  • Making love with Kevin

  • Brushing my teeth

  • Taking Craig shopping for school supplies

  • Reorganizing my Precious Moments collection

  • Watching Collapse ) again

  • Kissing Kevin

  • Watching water polo

  • Eating rolls while daydreaming about bagels

  • Going to Subway for lunch

  • Sucking my thumb

  • Making icons

  • Scrapbooking

  • Reading Harrison Fawcett's books

  • Having random fun

  • Teaching piano lessons to Craig

  • Playing with my sons

  • Collecting wild chestnuts

  • Making balloons out of rubber gloves

  • Making balloons out of condoms

  • Eating bananas

  • Listening to the Enterprise theme music

  • Watching all three CSI shows on the same night

  • Wearing my LIVESTRONG wristbands

...and just generally being silly and laugh when someone speaks in ALL CAPITALS around me, and just pull out the Discworld novel when Death is missing....
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Quo vadis?

To Karen

Today I was taking a small trip down to the little shop that caters to patients at the hospital, and I found a bunch of silicone bracelets for sale. After laughing at the poorly made fake LIVESTRONG bracelets I found some others that were not so poorly made and were somewhat inspiring, among them a bunch of Latin ones. While my Latin is rather poor, I picked up the meaning of a few, among which were the Quo Vadis bracelets.

Quo Vadis is often translated as "Where are we headed?" while the actual meaning is more like "Where do you go?" or "Whither goest thou?"

Quo vadis? Whither goest thou? This question is dating back to the Apocrypha, when Peter fleeing Rome on the Via Appia met Jesus Christ. Peter asked the Lord, "Domine, quo vadis?" Lord, where are you going? Christ's answer was simple: "I go into Rome to be crucified." Peter then realised the wrongness of his ways (quite literally) and returned to Rome where he was soon crucified upside down.

The phrase is also commonly associated with John 16:5. 5  But now I go my way to him that sent me; and none of you asketh me, Whither goest thou? (KJV)

Many times when I roam the corridors of the hospital or college, friends will stop me and ask me, "Where are you going?" If my destination isn't out of the way for them, they often offer to accompany me on my journey, be it short or long. They join me, walk with me, offering companionship on a path that leads me to my goal, even if it means a little detour for them. We are friends, we walk the road of life together, helping and entertaining each other. Sometimes when I have trouble with a threshold or some other not quite disabled friendly thing, they help me get over them. They help me to make them stepping stones instead of stumbling blocks.

Sometimes when I tell them that I'm planning to go to the pond or out to some other dangerous place, they stop me. They don't let me get into trouble, because they are my friends. They wouldn't let me stray from the path I am supposed to safely walk on. But sometimes, unfortunately, they would decide to go with me to dangerous areas, follow me, or even worse, ask me to go with them, and often, I'm foolish enough to follow.

Quo vadis? Whither goest thou? It is a question I ask myself many times when making decisions. It is a lot easier to remember to ask it and honestly answer when I am alone. I have to remember, however, that even when I am with someone else I am responsible for my own choices, for my own life. I can choose to follow or I can choose to stick to my itinerary. I draw the map of my life, I do the road plan, I pick the paths. And that is a hard job. Sometimes a road seems easy and paved, comfortable and wide, but I have to ask myself where I am heading and if the road will take me there.

Quo vadis? Whither goest thou? Moving to Utah when I was 18 I learnt early on that if I wanted to go to the Canyons to run and enjoy nature I couldn't take I-15, the nice, wide and paved road, because it wasn't taking me to the canyons. If I wanted to go to Provo I-15 was a good choice. If I wante dto go to the Canyons, it wasn't. Everything depended on where I wante dto be and what choices I made.

Choices and decisions are hard things to make. As I grow older I find it they are becoming harder. There is less and less guidance from loving parents and teachers and more and more responsibility. Nowadays I find that I am no longer just responsible for myself, but I often have to help my children make their own decisions. One of the things that influences them the most is them seeing my choices. They follow my example for now, so I have to be extra careful about where I go.

So every day I ask myself, "Quo vadis, Derek?" And I can only hope that the answer is home.